How PocketCFO Works

The all-in-one digital financial advisor for startups and small businesses.

Financial Integrations

Easy and secure setup in no time

Enter in your accounting software and bank details and PocketCFO will securely and seamlessly integrate with your accounts. 

Intuitive Dashboard

Real-time Finances at Your Fingertips

Our intuitive dashboard and graphs easily display your financial positions in   

real-time, so no need to guess when your out-of-cash date is.

Actionable Insights

Plan your next steps with data-driven insights

We provide insights to help you survive a cash crunch, plan for fundraising, or simply save money on expenses.

Predictive Analytics

Make informed decisions with visibility into the future

Know your runway length and how your business decisions would impact your runway with our intuitive forecast.

Financial Health Tracker

Maintain good financial hygiene and long-term health

We monitor your financial health and notify you when there are large spendings or runway changes that you should know.

Security comes first.

We understand that your company’s financial information is extremely important. PocketCFO is being built with the highest level of security in mind. Your data will be encrypted at every stage. We are following best known security practices for sensitive accounting information by complying with SOC2 and PCI and implementing other personal data regulations as well.



The security of your data lies at the heart of what we do.

Don’t wait till it is too late.

Take control of your cash and runway now.


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