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Bringing Financial Wellness and Education to the Community

We are pleased to announce the partnership between PocketCFO and Plug In South LA. PocketCFO is a FinTech Public Benefit Corporation on a mission to elevate underrepresented groups and promote gender, racial, ethnic, and neuro-diversity.

PocketCFO Brings Financial Peace of Mind to Your Business

Happiness is positive cash flow! PocketCFO helps you make better decisions while saving you 200 hours every year from tracking your cash flow manually.

Sponsored Membership

PocketCFO is sponsoring Plug In’s Tier 2 membership for 50 members


Go High, Go Together

For entrepreneurs starting a business or entering the professional game.
You must submit an application for review. If you are approved and qualify, we’ll get in touch to provide you with the next steps and onboarding!

Partnership Benefits

Available to all Plug In’s members

PocketChange Academy

Business finance courses designed by small business owners for small business owners. Learn the financial concepts and strategies to help you elevate your business performance

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Cash Flow Management Webinar

When cash is down, stress spikes up! Join the live webinar to learn about having a “cash flow mindset” and how to navigate the ups and downs of a business cash flow. 


Early Access of PocketCFO App

We know. You’d rather focus on building your business than tracking your finances. Let us automate your cash flow analytics while providing an in-app financial health coach to keep you on track.

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One on One Financial Coaching

Whether you need the ability to stretch cash while enabling exponential sales and growth, practice good financial hygiene, or just a financial sounding board, Eric got you covered.

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Two Cents Podcast

Building a company is like walking a lonely road, but stories connect us all. Come share the founding story of your company and the journey of building your passion!

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