What is PocketCFO?

PocketCFO is an innovative financial insights platform that monitors the financial health of your company and offers personalized insights driven by data to help you grow your business.

Why do I need PocketCFO?

PocketCFO is here to make your life easier by acting as your business’ single source of financial truth. PocketCFO: *Seamlessly integrates with your bank so no manual input is needed *Provides real-time cash-flow visibility and runway analysis *Offers actionable insights into spending habits to avoid cash-flow problems *Is perfect for first-time founders or seasoned entrepreneurs and caters to all levels of financial literacy

How is PocketCFO different from Quickbooks, Sage or Xero?

While your accounting software tracks income and expenses, PocketCFO aggregates your data, analyzes spending trends and in return forecasts projections to optimize your business practices. On average business owners spend about 4 weeks each year manually inputting data into spreadsheets to determine cash flow, as accounting softwares do not provide these services. We think the time spent in spreadsheets is unbearable and you should have this time to grow your business. PocketCFO provides the insights business owners need to make data-informed business decisions.

What do I need to set up an account?

Setting up your account with PocketCFO is a breeze. The first step is to create a business profile with your company's information at go.pocketcfoapp.com/signup. You'll also need your bank details and PocketCFO will securely and seamlessly integrate with your bank account. You can integrate with your additional financial softwares as well. See our list of integrations here and email us at hello@pocketcfoapp.com if there is a financial system you use that we don't integrate with yet.

Are you mobile-friendly?

Yes! In fact we are mobile-first. PocketCFO will be available on iOS and Android devices. Our uniqley designed platform makes it easy for you to check your dashboard anytime, anywhere. In fact, we encourage you to monitor your account a few times a day so you're always in the know with your finances.

Do you offer a desktop version?

Not currently as we are mobile-first. Being founders ourselves and always on the go, we wanted to be sure there's little to be done to find out your financial position. With PocketCFO, there's no need to pull out your laptop, boot up your browser and hope you have a wireless connection. Everything will be available on your mobile device. With that said, a desktop app is in the works!

How can I delete my account?

We are sorry to see you go. To delete your account go to the Account tab > Account & Profile > Delete Account, in your mobile device. Due to the California Privacy act, all your information will be deleted and cannot be recovered. You can always recreate a new account with PocketCFO in the future.

Can I add multiple businesses?

We praise entrepreneurs with multiple businesses. However, PocketCFO lets you add one business at a time. If you have more than one business, you can create a separate account for each company.

Can I import a budget from Excel?

At PocketCFO, our goal is to get rid of spreadsheets. They are cumbersome to update and a burden to maintain. By directly connecting your bank and key financial management systems to our platform, you can instantly connect and automate your data. There is no need to manually update or import your data from spreadsheets.

Do you offer training?

Using PocketCFO is easy and intuitive. Seamlessly integrate PocketCFO with your key financial management systems, and we will do the heavy lifting. To learn more about cash flow, good financial hygiene, and tips & tricks to grow your business visit pocketcfoapp.com/blog.

How does PocketCFO app work?

PocketCFO directly integrates with your existing financial stack so no manual input in spreadsheets is required. We analyze your spending trends and provide actionable insights to extend your runway. Through our runway and scenario forecasting algorithms (coming soon!) PocketCFO automates your finances so you can sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting.

Can I connect multiple bank accounts for one business?

Yes! You can connect all your business bank accounts and credit cards on PocketCFO.

Can I disconnect my software integrations?

Yes, you can disconnect your software integrations at any time. Go to Account > My Integrations to disconnect your integration(s). However, you will need to maintain your bank connection if you want to continue using the application. If you would like to cancel your monthly integration subscription, go to Account > Plan & Billing > Update my plan > Remove from plan. You can do this in app or on the web.


How is my data secured?

We understand that your company’s financial information is extremely important. PocketCFO is being built with the highest level of security in mind. Your data will be encrypted at every stage. We are following best known security practices for sensitive accounting information by complying with SOC2 and PCI and implementing other data regulations including: *Encrypting stored and “in transit” data via SSL *Encrypting all business data that is stored with encryption keys kept inside AWS KMS *Prompting all bank transactions with an MFA integration *Enabling BioMetric recognition (users will be prompted to use BioMetric recognition after 30 minutes of no activity)

What is Plaid?

Plaid is a service that makes it easy for users to securely connect their bank account to various applications. Plaid is used by trusted companies like American Express and Venmo. Similarly, PocketCFO uses Plaid to allow users to connect their business bank account to our application to authenticate and verify their information instantly and safely. This enables us to facilitate real-time data and centralize your financial information on our platform. You can learn more about Plaid at plaid.com.

Pricing & Payment

What does PocketCFO cost?

Review our pricing plans here. We have special pricing available for neurodiverse, BIPOC or female-owned businesses. Email us at hello@pocketcfoapp.com to see if you are eligible.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a 34-day free trial. When you sign up at go.pocketcfoapp.com/signup you will be automatically prompted with a free trial. We will not take your credit card information until after the free trial is over and you are ready to move forward with a monthly plan.

Do you have a free version?

We currently do not offer a free version but we do offer a 34-day free trial. We have special pricing for neurodiverse, BIPOC or female-owned businesses. Email us at hello@pocketcfoapp.com to see if you are eligible.

Do you have special pricing for neurodiverse, BIPOC or female-owned businesses?

PocketCFO is a Public Benefit Corporation with the social mission of elevating and employing underrepresented groups while promoting gender, racial and neurodiversity in FinTech. Our goal is to ensure that our user base is as diverse as our workforce. We have discounted community pricing plans for BIPOC, women or neurodiverse founders/business owners. Email us at hello@pocketcfoapp.com to see if you're eligible.

Do I need to input my payment information to start my trial?

We will not take your credit card information until after the free trial is over and you are ready to move forward with a monthly plan. There will be an option to use your business bank account for payment information. If you check that option, your business bank account will be used as payment once your trial is over. We will send an email confirmation before you are charged.

Can I add an integration after my trial has ended?

Yes, you can add an integration to your plan at any time. You will be charged for the integration at the beginning of your next billing cycle.

Do I need to have a QuickBooks and Stripe account to use PocketCFO?

You only need a bank account to get started with PocketCFO. If you use additional software systems in your company's financial stack including QuickBooks or Stripe, you have the ability to integrate those services with PocketCFO. We will use the data aggregated from each system to generate insights and provide you with a holistic picture of your business activity. Is there a software service that you use that we currently don't integrate with? Email us at hello@pocketcfoapp.com to let us know!

Can I get a refund if I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time and you will be refunded the prorated amount back to the payment method on file within two weeks.


Got More Questions?

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