We're on a mission to empower business success through financial literacy.

As a user experience designer-turned-entrepreneur, the notion of  "there is no such thing as human error" is deeply embedded in me. Human error usually is a result of poor design. If users can't do something right, that means the system lacks design considerations. If so many businesses fail because of cash flow problems, we need to find the underlying cause and fix the root. Like what my Buddhist teacher always said, "if you contribute to other people's happiness, you'll find the true meaning of life," I am on a mission with PocketCFO to help every founder succeed in their ventures.

Ting Wu

Cofounder & CPO

You either know how to do one thing really well, or know how to do many things…. really well. I chose the latter. I live up to my unofficial title “Jane of All Trades” everyday by putting my curious mind to work. When it comes to financials and cash flow, you want someone behind the scenes who will stop at nothing to find an answer that works. As the daughter of immigrants, I am dually passionate about building a platform that accelerates financial literacy among founders while generating equity in the workforce. Historically, finance and tech have underrepresented minority communities and it takes a diverse team to create change from the inside, out.

Michelle Melamed

Cofounder & CMO

Over my last 12+ years in early-stage companies as a founder, investor, and advisor, I’ve seen many founders, including myself, struggle with the exorbitant amount of time spent trying to calculate cash flow and understand their financial health.  It is such a critical part of running a business, but existing systems have made it extremely time consuming and cumbersome.  Being a data fanatic and yearning to know what’s happening in my businesses, I’ve wanted to acquire deep analytics before our companies were big enough to have a financial analyst or CFO on staff. These pain points led me to start PocketCFO. I look forward to continuing evolving PocketCFO to enable you to grow your business to its potential rather than spending hours trying to figure out cash flow.

Eric Quick

Cofounder & CEO

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Kim Vogel


Secuirty / Legal




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At PocketCFO, we acknowledge that historical trends have minimized women, BIPOC and neuro-diverse individuals in business and tech. PocketCFO is dedicated to creating an inclusive workforce that celebrates the diversity of our employees, customers, and users. Our employees and customers thrive when we get this right. 

We’re committed to building a company that empowers individuals from cultural, gender and neuro-diverse 

backgrounds. In fact, we’ve established ourselves as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), which enables us to measure and report on more than our financial results.  We’ll report on what matters and that includes promoting our blended team’s backgrounds, cultures, heritage and business successes. 



Michael Mirel

Michael is an experienced CFO with 20-year career working with high-tech venture-backed startups.

Kim Vogel

Serial tech entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience, Kim is the CFO for several high growth Bay Area companies with a background in investment banking.

Joe Pagano

Skilled in global operations management, M&A activities and fundraising/equity and debt transactions, Joe is the CFO of SendBird.


Michael Gunther

Michael guided over 500 businesses to achieve growth, trained thousands of leaders and assisted nearly 300 businesses to get started.

Eunice Kim

20+ years of in-house legal & large law firm experience. Led 40+ acquisitions and divestitures. Experience supporting enterprise and consumer technology businesses.

Alex Brinsmead

Alex is a software engineering leader with over 20 years of experience focusing on startups, e-commerce and food-tech industries.

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Public Benefit Corporation

We are for profit. For the benefit of the public.

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