Take control of your cash flow and runway.

PocketCFO is a founder-friendly financial insights platform that provides real-time cash flow visibility to help small business owners and startup founders make informed decisions to manage their runway.

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We get your historical and current data from your bank and your accounting software so that you don’t need to manually input anything.

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Intuitive Graphs

Good graphics should include only data-ink. We make our graphs intuitive so that everyone can understand their finance at a glance.


Real-time Visibility

Every business owner should stay up-to-date with their business’ cash flow and runway. We make it easy for them to see.


Cash Runway Alerts

We will notify you when there are large spendings or runway changes that you should know.


Actionable Insights

We provides insights to help you survive a cash crunch, plan for fundraising, or simply save money on expenses.


Scenario Planning

Our smart forecast tool helps you easily see how different scenarios would impact your runway.




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For founders by founders

Navigating startup finance is hard. As founders ourselves, we get you. PocketCFO app is here to help.


“Despite the fact that cash is the lifeblood of a business – the fuel that keeps the engine running – most business owners don't truly have a handle on their cash flow," says Philip Campbell, a CPA, and former CFO, author of Never Run Out of Cash. "Poor cash-flow management is causing more business failures today than ever before."


Why PocketCFO?


When you set up a business, especially if you have raised capital, your main focus needs to be on cash flow and spending. Knowing where you stand every month isn't enough, it should be every day and in real time.

PocketCFO is a finance app that makes it easy for founders and small business owners to have cash flow visibility in real time. It helps them understand how their capital is being used so they can make informed decisions to manage their runway and fundraising efforts. It not only reports the numbers, but provides pocket insights on what to do about the numbers to manage cash flow.


“This is cool! The most important thing for founders is the categorization of expenses, not needing to manually enter it and quickly get into that. It’s similar to Mint, but adding an extra insight layer. I would personally use it if it is ‘Mint for founders’.”

- Fahad Shoukat, COO at Skiplist 


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Why do I need PocketCFO?

PocketCFO is here to make your life easier by acting as your business’ single source of financial truth.
-seamlessly integrates with your bank so no manual input is needed
-provides real-time cash-flow visibility and runway analysis
-offers actionable insights into spending habits to avoid cash-flow problems
-is perfect for first-time founders or seasoned entrepreneurs and caters to all levels of financial literacy

What does PocketCFO cost?

PocketCFO is in beta so it is currently free! Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list so you can download the app when it becomes available in early September.

What do I need to set up an account?

Setting up your profile with PocketCFO is a breeze. All you need is your bank information and PocketCFO will securely and seamlessly link to your account. If you feel inclined, you can easily unlink your bank account with the click of a button.

How is PocketCFO different from Quickbooks, Sage or Xero?

While your accounting software tracks income and expenses, PocketCFO aggregates your data, analyzes spending trends and in return forecasts projections to optimize your business practices.

Through our user research we have calculated that on average each founder spends about 3-4 weeks each year manually inputting data into spreadsheets to analyze cash-flow, as accounting softwares do not provide these services - we are here to solve this problem by supplying founders the insights they need to make informed business decisions.

Are you mobile-friendly?

Of course! PocketCFO is available on iOS and Android devices. Our mobile-first platform makes it easy for you to check your dashboard anytime, anywhere. In fact, we encourage you to monitor your account a few times a day so you're always in the know with your finances.

This all sounds great! How can I get my hands on PocketCFO?

We are working hard and fast to get PocketCFO beta out the door. Feel free to subscribe to our mailing list and you will be the first to know when it is ready - we're expecting the beta to launch in early September.