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Bring peace of mind to the financial health of your business

Stop losing sleep over expenses every time you evaluate the financial health of your business.

Instead, let PocketCFO give you real-time cash flow visibility from all of your financial accounts so you bring peace of mind to your business and make confident decisions.

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No credit card required. Available on iOS and Android.

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All of your financial accounts and expenses in one place

You no longer need to check multiple platforms or bug your accountant for an answer.

See all of your business’ financial activity in one place by integrating PocketCFO with your bank accounts, Quickbooks, Stripe, & so much more to come.

Make confident business decisions

Answer all of your financial questions whenever you need to with PocketCFO’s automated insights.

No more wondering if you can afford to make that hire, or if an unexpected tax penalty is going to put you out.

Learn finance from pros as you go

We know. You’d rather focus on product-market fit, finding customers, and top notch customer satisfaction than tracking your finances.

PocketChange Academy teaches you the business finance skills you never got around to, like cash flow basics, expenses, and taxes.

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I was able to set up everything on PocketCFO within minutes and love the real-time metrics on the dashboard right away. It gives me an overview of my business' financial situation instantly and saves me hundreds of hours from manually tracking things. I can see how much we spent compared to how much we made and how they affect our cash runway. Pocket Insights are great too because it tells me what areas I should pay attention to based on our financials.

Justin Park,
Owner of Drunken Tiger


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Built for small businesses on the go

Startup Founders

Optimize your cash and runway.

You don’t need to be a financial guru to manage your cash flow. Understand your startups’ cash flow with “Pocket Insights™.”

Business Owners

Avoid time-consuming tasks.

Get up and running in less than 5 minutes and test our data-driven insights to inform your business decisions.

Security designed to protect your most sensitive data


Stored and “in transit” data is encrypted via SSL

Encryption Keys

Stored business data and encryptions is are kept inside AWS KMS

BioMetric Recognition

Protect privacy using BioMetric recognition after 30 minutes of no activity

MFA Enabled Bank Getaway

Multi-factor authentication for airtight bank transactions