Take back control of your time.

PocketCFO automates your cash flow forecasts

so you don’t have to deal with the spreadsheets.

Why PocketCFO

Get FREE Financial Coaching


Dealing with the residual impacts from COVID-19 can feel like you are navigating through muddy waters.  Whether you need help brainstorming cash flow solutions for your business or would like to receive coaching on your unique financial position, we want to help.



Schedule a free 20-minute financial coaching session with our CEO who has over 30 years experience operating businesses.

Our Customers

Business owners spend up to 4 weeks a year inputting data into spreadsheets. 

Happiness is Positive Cashflow

Startup Founders

Small & Medium Business Owners

Financial Advisors & CFO's

Integrate with existing financial management systems to eliminate manual data entries.

We analyze spending trends to provide actionable Pocket Insights that extend your runway.

Automate financial projections and dynamically plan and predict future scenarios.






The security of your data lies at the heart of what we do.
Security comes first.

We understand that your company’s financial information is extremely important. PocketCFO is being built with the highest level of security in mind. Your data will be encrypted at every stage. We are following the best known security practices for sensitive accounting information by complying with SOC2 and PCI while implementing other personal data regulations.

Automate with 



Don’t wait till it is too late.

Take control of your cash and runway now.

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